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Natural Gas and Propane Furnace 

Gas Line Resources is a premier provider of furnace installation and maintenance services. Whether you are looking to purchase and install a new furnace, or troubleshoot an old one, we've got you covered! 

Single Stage Furnace:

A single-stage furnace has two settings, on and off. Your furnace is either running at maximum capacity or not at all. Single stage furnaces cost less to purchase and install, however the drawback is that the efficiency is low to average.

Two Stage Furnace:

Within the “on” setting of a two-stage furnace, there is a low and a high setting. Generally, your furnace will run on the low setting. If there is a sudden change to temperature (cold air) the furnace will kick into high gear. Two-stage furnaces are moderately priced and efficiency is great.

Modulating Furnace:

A modulating furnace monitors the temperature of your home and then adjusts the speed of the blower motor, sometimes referred to as an ECM motor in very small increments. This results in a home that is more consistently heated. A modulating furnace can manage temperature so precisely in your house, they usually run continuously at a very low setting. This means that this kind of furnace will achieve high effiency, however they are also the most expensive.

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