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Air Conditioners 

At Gas Line Resources, we offer several options providing efficient cooling for your home! Whether you're looking to purchase and install a new air conditioning unit, or troubleshoot an old one, we've got you covered! 

Single Stage Air Conditioner

The single-stage compressor runs at only one speed (high). When your thermostat calls for cooling, the air conditioner turns on and runs at 100% capacity. Single stage air conditioners come in different SEER ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) which determines the energy consumption. Present air conditioners have a SEER value ranging from 13 (standard) all the way to 21.

Two Stage Air Conditioner

The two-stage air conditioner runs on two speeds (high and low). Most of the time, the system will run on a low speed setting but on a hot summer day, it will switch to the high setting to beat the heat. Since a two-stage air condition will generally run on the lowest speed, they tend to be more energy efficient than the single-stage air conditioner.

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