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Garage Heaters 

Let Gas Line Resources help turn your garage into a comfortable space and take off the chill with a natural gas/propane unit heater or radiant tube heater!

Unit Heater:

These units are generally compact and installed near the ceiling of the garage. They are comprised of a heat exchanger and a fan, making it much like a furnace but without the duct work. The fan blows across the heat exchanger providing the space with a comfortable climate. They are often controlled by a wall thermostat. These are the most common choice for residential occupants.

Radiant Tube Heater:

Radiant tube heaters are ceiling-suspended units much like those found in hockey arenas. They stretch across the area to be heated radiating warmth onto the objects below it. the objects become warm and the surrounding air absorbs the heat eventually warming the area. These units do not circulate air the same way unit heaters do and are thus preferred in certain applications.

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